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How did we come up with the HutTrip?

We are Eric and Karen Backer. We live in Durango, Colorado and have spent our lives backpacking and camping. Since the late 70’s we have often made our own packs and tents when we couldn’t find gear to meet our needs.

In 2008, we started using a Napier Sportz SUV tent for car camping. We liked the roominess and how it enclosed the back of our vehicle--we could access our stuff but didn’t have to unload completely each night to sleep. It was also great that we could leave it set up and drive away. However, it wasn’t reliable in rain or wind and it was a hassle to set up.

We thought:
“Wouldn’t it be cool if a large, sturdy, hard-topped tent just glided off the top of our vehicle like a drawer?”


So, in 2018 we made the first version of this idea and we called it “HutTrip” because it feels more substantial than a tent -- more like a hut! And we’ve done many hut trips with it these past four years. Everywhere we went, people wanted to know where to buy one--we could have sold hundreds.

For this reason, we decided to pursue a U.S. Patent. After more than two years of waiting, we were recently awarded one. We do not have the energy to start a manufacturing business at this point of our lives. We are looking for a company that may be interested in building it or adding it to their current product line up. This company would have the exclusive rights to this innovative design.

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