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Here are some videos showing how the HutTrip is deployed and stored...

This video shows both deploying and stowing the current HutTrip with the one piece floor. Also shows our complete setup: the kitchen, chairs, and table. Everything that we need setup in less than 10 minutes. Thanks to William at for making the video and his awesome paper towel and toilet paper holders. Which actually work!

This 55 second video was orginally put on TikTok, then copied to Instagram and has more than 60 million views!

This video shows me deploying the HutTrip. It is an older video which was taken when we thought the floor needed to be split in two in order to fold up easily. This has since been changed, but the video is otherwise correct and it does have some commentary by me.

The first video of the HutTrip on the web was a YouTube video that CrazyQuady did. It showed our setup at that time and us putting the HutTrip away:

Another older video of me putting the HutTrip away.

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